Title IX prohibits educational institutions from discriminating against pregnant students based upon sex- this includes pregnant and parenting students.  By completing this Pregnant/Parenting Accommodation Request Form, the Dean of Students and/or Title IX Offices can assist you with determining options that may be available to you based on your personal circumstances and what to communicate with your faculty based on your needs.

The Dean of Students Office coordinates with the Office of Accessibility Resources and Services (OARS) and the Title IX Office to support students and mitigate the impacts of a change in pregnancy or parenting status.

Students who are supported:

  • Birthing and Non-Birthing Parents who are affected by pregnancy or pregnancy related conditions.
  • Students who have experienced a recent change in parenting status due to childbirth, adoption, fostering, or legal guardianship for a minor.
  • Students who have lost or terminated a pregnancy.
  • Students who are affected by the medical condition of their child(ren)
  • Students facing discrimination or barriers related to their parenting status.

The Dean of Students Office can:

  • Connect students with campus resources
  • Assist students in communicating with faculty
  • Coordinate academic and on-campus adjustments/accommodations.
  • Assist in navigating UNCG’s policies
  • Review your rights as a pregnant or parenting student

If you have any questions regarding a students’ rights as a pregnant or parenting student, please contact the Title IX Office at 336.256.0362 or the Dean of Students Office at 336.334.5514.

Community Resources

Child Care Subsidy (Help Paying for Child Care)

Children & Families First

North Carolina: Financial Assistance Resource for Families

Guilford County Social Services

staff support contact

Jordan Stone, Assistant Dean

Supports students who are affected by a change in pregnancy or parenting status

or email [email protected]

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