All members of our Spartan community have the right to be treated with respect and to participate in community life with dignity. Sexual misconduct and other forms of violence (physical and/or mental) violate all members’ rights to respect and dignity. The University’s Title IX website serves as a resource to students who need information on academic and personal support, reporting information, and other general information on this topic. UNCG has resources that can help, and you have options! Check out the website and share it with your fellow Spartans!

The Dean of Students Office is a neutral office that provides support and resources to UNCG students affected by sexual misconduct (Complainants) and UNCG students accused of sexual misconduct (Respondents).

The dean of students office can:

  • Connect students with available campus resources meant to address or mitigate the impacts of the student’s experience or related processes.
  • Assist a student in understanding the Title IX (Sexual Misconduct) Policy and all options for addressing allegations of violations.
  • Connect or provide students with advisors or support persons to assist students in navigating the Investigation Process and any resulting disciplinary hearing.
  • Coordinate and implement Supportive Measures.  Supportive measures are individualized services to restore or preserve equal access to education, protect student and employee safety, or deter sexual harassment.

You can submit this form to request information about support and services related to sexual misconduct or sexual violence.

Responding Party Support Services

Responding Party Support Services provides resources, information, and comprehensive support for students who have been accused of a violation of sexual assault, sexual harassment, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking.  The goal of the service is to help ensure that responding parties develop an understanding of the process as well as information to navigate the process. The Dean of Students Office is not a strictly confidential reporting resource, therefore, information shared may need to be shared with the Title IX Office in alignment with state and federal regulations.

Responding Party Support Services can:

  • Help you understand your rights
  • Explain university policy and procedures
  • Attend meetings as a support person including investigative conversations with the Title IX Office or UNCG Police, disciplinary proceedings, or other necessary meetings that take place on campus
  • Refer you to campus and community resources
  • Secure an interpreter/translator if necessary
  • Review documents and material as requested such as investigative reports, final reports, and no-contact orders
  • Assist in managing interim remedies such as academic, housing, and access to facilities

It is important to know that Responding Party Services are NOT…

  • Confidential
  • An advocate for the outcome of respondent’s investigation or adjudication.
  • Legal advisors

Respondent FAQs

In addition to the support from the Dean of Students Office, complainants have access to victim advocacy through the Campus Violence Response Center.  The CVRC is a confidential resources that can provide all of the services that the Dean of Students Office provides, can advocate for a complainant, and may serve as a support throughout the process.

To be connected with a Victim Advocate or Therapist specializing in the effects of trauma, email the CVRC at [email protected].

Complainant FAQs.

staff support contact

Jordan Stone, Assistant Dean

Supports students who are affected by sexual misconduct and/or allegations of sexual misconduct

or email [email protected]

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